Accelerating human factors and ergonomics toward an inclusive and sustainable future is the theme of HFEMC 2023. The goal is to understand the socio-technical challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and beyond, and how key HFE theories, methods, designs, studies and technological advances can be applied to promote inclusion and diversity in HFE applications, as well as to forecast and impact socio-technical systems of the new industrial revolution.

The question is how to accelerate the implementation of HFE to accomplish the end? The DIRECT model offers a framework that considers:

Diversity of needs of users

Innovative use of advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support tasks

Reuse of recycled material to prevent wastage

Ergonomics and human factors knowledge integration at the front end of product and systems development life cycle

Collaborative teaming with RAGI community to achieve a common goal

Transfer of knowledge and skills to transform outcomes for global reach and access